Incorporated in September 2014, LeEngStar is engaged in the fully domestic development of sensors, core algorithms and complete machines in the field of multiphase flow measurement, and now it has become a leading provider of multiphase flow measurement solutions for intelligent oil fields in China.

Based on the platform of industry-academic cooperative incubation in the Research Institute of Tsinghua, Pearl River Delta, and the planning of high-end marine equipment manufacture, LeEngStar is committed to applying the leading sensor measurement and control, big data technology, and artificial intelligence technology to the Internet of Things for Energy, and facilitating the unmanned and intelligent onshore / offshore (deepwater), as well as the construction of intelligent oil and gas fields.

In December 2014, the Company cooperated with Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School in establishing a nationally advanced industrial-grade oil-gas-water multiphase flow engineering laboratory for solving the issues of oil-gas-water multiphase flow measurement in the upstream production in onshore and offshore oil and gas industry.

In September 2016, LeEngStar cooperated with Research Institute of Tsinghua, Pearl River Delta in founding the R&D Center for Advanced Monitoring and Control Technique and Equipment for Energies.

As a company of scientific innovation, LeEngStar aims to fulfill the demand of the oil and gas industry and drive the development of intelligent oil field and Internet of Things for Energy in the mode of independent innovation. The Company furthers the outstanding theory research and engineering products to provide customers with technically advanced and cost-effective solutions for intelligent oil well multiphase flow measurement.


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15Onsite accuracy verification reports
8Cooperative oil fields

Development Path



Company was founded



Establishing a industrial-grade oil-gas-water multiphase flow engineering laboratory



Realize prototype development and laboratory error ±5%. Generate core patents.



Signed a strategic cooperation agreement and purchase order with PetroChina, as well as the implementation of the “real-time online multiphase flow metering equipment and platform” integrated construction project.



The first generation product, intelligent oil well multiphase flowmeter, was officially launched in PetroChina Oilfield.

Completed single well wet gas flow measurement for shale gas production measurement



So far, more than 200 intelligent multiphase flow meters for oil wells have been put into use in many oil fields under the PetroChina Group, and have won praise from users. Many oil fields have issued accuracy certification reports.

According to user feedback and on-site accumulated data, the intelligent  multiphase flowmeter has completed the product 3.0 upgrade.

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