About Us

Incorporated in September 2014, LeEngStar is engaged in the fully domestic development of sensors, core algorithms and complete machines in the field of multiphase flow measurement, and now it has become a leading provider of multiphase flow measurement solutions for intelligent oil fields in China.

Based on the platform of industry-academic cooperative incubation in the Research Institute of Tsinghua, Pearl River Delta, and the scientific research strength of Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, guided by the scientific innovation planning in the “13th Five-Year Plan”, the strategy of “Made in China 2025”, and the planning of high-end marine equipment manufacture, LeEngStar is committed to applying the leading sensor measurement and control, big data technology, and artificial intelligence technology to the Internet of Things for Energy, and facilitating the unmanned and intelligent onshore / /offshore (deepwater), as well as the construction of intelligent oil and gas fields.

Measurement and Control Technology Centre For Oil and Energy Industry

In September 2016, LeEngStar cooperated with ITPRD in founding the R&D Center for Advanced Monitoring and Control Technique and Equipment for Energies (hereinafter referred to as the R&D Center for MCTE for Energies).

Relying on  the innovative platform of industry-university-research cooperative incubation in the ITPRD, and the engineering productization experience of the Company, both parties give the priority to the key underlying data collection, multiple sensor data fusion technique, and artificial intelligence for the digital oil field and the Internet of Things for Energy, apply the advanced data analysis algorithm in the scientific innovation and high-end manufacture of intelligent equipment and core components of China’s Industrial Internet of Things.

Multiphase Flow Engineering Lab

In December 2014, the Company cooperated with Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School in establishing a nationally advanced industrial-grade oil-gas-water multiphase flow engineering laboratory for solving the issues of oil-gas-water multiphase flow measurement in the upstream production in onshore and offshore oil and gas industry. Utilizing the engineering advantages of Tsinghua University, the Company has gradually updated the study on advanced theory and realized the practical application and industrialization of new techniques.


LeEngStar continuously focuses on the research and development of core multiphase flow measurement technique, and has applied for and been granted a number of related patents and software copyrights, and realized the industrialization of scientific research achievements.

The Company possesses several core techniques, including electrical tomography, high frequency microwave measurement, Dual differential pressure Venturi flow measurement, and multi-sensor high speed data collection and fusion, in the field of multiphase flow measurement, and produced the intelligent  water cut meter , the intelligent MFM for production well, the big data management and analysis system for oil and gas production, among others, which are suitable for varied oil production conditions. Being widely used in monitoring the industrial processes of mining and onshore and offshore oil and gas production, and related storage, transportation and refining, and pipeline safety, its multiphase flow measurement products and techniques which can widely and powerfully push forward the establishment of the ecosystem of Internet of things for Oil field, and facilitate the realization of a new generation of integrated, automatic, visualized, real-time and intelligent oil fields.