Multi-Phase Flow Meter

LeEngStar intelligent MFMfor oil well is non-radioactive with high real-time level, as the separation is not required. It provides the key indicator data including oil, gas, water or liquid multiphase instantaneous production, cumulative production and water cut, gas content, gas-liquid (oil) ratio. The technical level and application effect bridge the gaps in this sector in China, and are internationally advanced.

This kind of products is mainly used for metering online the each phase flow in the oil – gas – water multiphase flow of crude oil products  during the upstream oil and gas production, it can supersede the traditional separating metering tank and the complex measurement process for multi-well manifold  through multi-ported valve. The product is suitable for onshore or offshore single well, and gathering Line, and also facilitate effectively the construction of Internet of Things for Oil and Gas Production of intelligent oil fields.

This kind of products integrates several key techniques of multiphase flow real time metering, and adopts modular design, which includes electrical tomography module, real-time online microwave component measurement module, dual differential pressure venturi flow measurement module, and multi-sensor high speed data collection module. With the big data management and analysis system of oil and gas production, the product can not only enable the operator to intuitively know the production rules of oil, gas and water, and obtain real-time and accurate quantitative data for production decisions, but also facilitate to reduce cost, improve efficiency, diagnose the working conditions, streamline the ground engineering, optimize production management for oil and gas fields, and establish health records of the whole life cycle for each well, and realize the upgrading and transformation to intelligent oil and gas fields.

Product Advantages

  • The non-radioactive technique of multi-sensor data integration.
  • It can be easily maintained, without inner components.
  • It provides real-time multi-dynamic parameters (flow/water/gas ratio).
  • Thermostat design ensures the stable measurement in the four seasons.
  • It is equipped with all-weather local digital display, offline work function, data resume function, and intelligent energy-saving technique.
  • It supports the historical data query, and automatically creates reports.
  • It supports automatic real time warning and the onsite manual event reporting.
  • It supports client software and has the SDK to the big data platform of oil field.
  • It supersedes the metering station, reduces the manned operation, and streamlines the ground engineering.
  • It is applicable to various production methods.
  • It supports the new productivity construction for intelligent oil field.
  • It helps the decision-making and fine management of production.

Modular Structure

Multiphase Flow Data Analysis Tool

MFM’s supporting tool (MFMTool) can receive and display the sensor data collected by the MFM, and display the  real-time and cumulative metering results, including instantaneous multiphase flow, instantaneous water cut, instantaneous gas rate, cumulative three-phase flow, average cumulative average water cut and cumulative gas oil ratio data, meanwhile it makes the real-time imaging of flow pattern inside the pipes, which enables user to learn the flow state inside the pipe and well conditions in time.

Multiphase flow data analysis Tool ——Real-time online metering

Surveillance Master® of the Dynamic Production Assistant System

LeEngStar can customize the metering data management platform which is based on the end multiphase flow termina installed on the production end of oil field and oil well.

  • Data monitoring and early warning: it supports the display, monitoring, abnormal event and management of metering data.
  • Data query and analysis: it supports historical data query, trend rendering, data analysis and statement customization.
  • Device management: it monitors the status of on-site equipment, as well as manages, diagnoses and maintains the devices.
  • System management: it supports the management on data, users, authority and functions.

Product Value

Technical Advantages

LeEngStar’s self-developed intelligent multiphase flow measurement technique for oil well has been regarded as one of the “five key techniques determining the future success of the oil and gas industry” by international energy giants, which includes electrical tomography, high frequency microwave measurement, double differential pressure venturi flow measurement, and multi-sensor high speed data collection and fusion.


The intelligent MFM for oil well is used for metering online the each phase flow in the oil – gas – water multiphase flow of crude oil products at the wellhead during the upstream oil and gas production, and effectively facilitates the construction of Internet of Things for Oil and Gas Production in smart oil field. It is suitable for mixing transport of onshore or offshore single well, multi-well manifold  and block/gathering well, offshore platform and production system.

Flowing well
Mobile metering
ESP well
Gathering system metering
Alternate well metering
Rod pump well

Case Study

The first generation of LeEngStar’s self-developed intelligent wellhead MFM has been deployed in CNPC’s Daqing, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Eastern Hebei and Southern Exploration oilfields since 2018. As the Strategic Cooperation Agreement signed with CNPC plans, more intelligent wellhead MFMs will be installed in CNPC’s oil fields in the following two years, totaled over 800 sets.

Onsite Testing Result of the Product

After long time tracking and comparison against the well with metering comparable conditions, the intelligent MFM for oil well has the same performance with the existing traditional metering means on the daily production trend.