Online Water Cut Meter for Heavy Oil

Online Water Cut Meter for Heavy Oil

The traditional water cut measurement of heavy oil replies on manual sampling and centralized testing, which would be bad in continuity, so that the water cut accuracy of crude oil cannot be ensured. For solving such problems, LeEngStar makes great efforts to research, explore, test and make innovation, and conquers so many technical challenges. As a result, it successfully developed the first real-time online water cut meter for operating condition of heavy oil, so as to accelerate the scientific productions and the quality and efficiency improvement in the development and production of heavy oil, and to facilitate the building of Internet of Things terminal at wellhead in intelligent oilfield.

Nowadays, the world begins to study the technologies and develop products in the field of online measurement, including the impedance, capacitance, radiation and microwave methods, and has reached some achievements in online water cut measurement at conventional light and medium crude oil wellhead. The new microwave measurement technology displays the advantages including high measurement accuracy, full range, small contact area between the sensor and the object to be measured, and lower sensitivity to oil application and wax deposition, and it is also capable of measuring the salinity of formation water. As the heavy oils shows the characteristics such as high viscosity, high wax content, bad fluidity and uneven mixing of oil and water, the microwave method is more suitable for real-time measurement of water cut at heavy oil wellhead.

This product is specially designed for the heavy oil and extra heavy oil fields in China, to meet the error requirements of single well water cut measurement.

Based on the modular design, it is adaptive to the different well conditions in the oilfield. Compared to similar products, the product can serve the entire life cycle of the well.

Technical Advantages

Product Value

Onsite Testing

In 2021, LeEngStar has completed the test of its online water cut meter for heavy oil in Shengkai operation area of Shengli Oilfield, which proves the accuracy and reliability of its water cut measurement of extra heavy oil with the viscosity close to 40,00mPa ·s.In the test, it realizes the average error at 1.8%, the daily maximum absolute error at 3.3%, and the minimum value at 0.5%, which indicates the high consistency between the average value and standard value, and fulfills the requirements on online water cut measurement in the heavy oil production, provides the real-time, accurate and reliable water cut parameter for oilfield production, and facilitates the construction of wellhead Internet of Things terminal in intelligent oilfield.

Paper selected in 2020 China Oil and Gas Measurement Forum

In the process of paper selection for 2020 China Oil and Gas Measurement Forum, jointly sponsored by SINOPEC, PetroChina and CNOOC China, the paper titled Study on Real-time Visual Water Cut Measurement at Heavy Oil Wellhead, contributed by the key technical team from LeEngStar, reveals its advanced new measurement technology, broad market prospect and mature application in industries, and therefore has been recognized by all judges, and finally won the second prize in this China Oil and Gas Measurement Forum among 104 contending papers in the final.