Wet Gas Flow Meter

LeEngStar’s intelligent gas well wet gas flow meter is suitable for metering the natural gas wells (including shale gas wells) where the gas phase dominates. Compared with the traditional separation measurement technique, LeEngStar’s wet gas flow meter adopts venturi multiple differential pressure technique with independent intellectual property rights, and the technique of electromagnetic tomography, and integrates with artificial intelligence algorithm to measure the flowrate.

The new non-separating wet gas measurement technique is economic and enables a better operation and management, especially, it deeply optimizes the technique for the natural gas wells (including shale gas wells) which requires urgent the dynamic monitoring due to the fast declining production and complex gas-water relationship. The product applies the artificial intelligence and big data analysis, comprehensively processes the real-time and dynamic production data of the single well, multi-well, and block oil and gas, establishes the health records and evaluation mechanism for single well, realizes the real-time monitoring of productivity change of oil and gas well , oil and gas production, and water cut, and predicts the production performance of oil and gas fields, and the abnormal condition, so as to reduce the loss of oil and gas well production, improve the oil recovery of oil and gas wells.

The product is small in size, easily installed easily on wellhead or even movable for metering, which can greatly reduce the costs of ground construction, operation and maintenance in the development of oil and gas fields.

Product Advantages

Technology Introduction

Multiphase Flow Data Analysis Tool

MFM’s supporting tool (MFMTool) can receive and display the sensor data collected by the MFM, and display the  real-time and cumulative metering results, including instantaneous multiphase flow, instantaneous water cut, instantaneous gas rate, cumulative three-phase flow, average cumulative average water cut and cumulative gas oil ratio data, meanwhile it makes the real-time imaging of flow pattern inside the pipes, which enables user to learn the flow state inside the pipe and well conditions in time.

Multiphase flow data analysis Tool ——Real-time online metering

Surveillance Master® of the Dynamic Production Assistant System

LeEngStar can customize the metering data management platform which is based on the end multiphase flow termina installed on the production end of oil field and oil well.

  • Data monitoring and early warning: it supports the display, monitoring, abnormal event and management of metering data.
  • Data query and analysis: it supports historical data query, trend rendering, data analysis and statement customization.
  • Device management: it monitors the status of on-site equipment, as well as manages, diagnoses and maintains the devices.
  • System management: it supports the management on data, users, authority and functions.

Product Values